Meet our newest employee

We are happy to announce that Dr. Caroline Alvebratt joined the Enphasys team during the spring. Caroline has a strong background in the pharmaceutical field and after receiving her pharmacist license, she persuade a PhD in pharmaceutical science. Her thesis focused poorly water-soluble compounds and making use of advanced drug delivery systems to improve their performance. A major part of her thesis work was also directed towards development of efficient in vitro models for the complex drug formulations. Caroline will assist with the experimental work and costumer interactions.

Enphasys received Attractive Innovation Project 2019 Award

15 projects run by, or in collaboration with, Uppsala University researchers and students have been acknowledged with the 2019 “Attractive Innovation Project” award. Common to all projects is support från Uppsala University Innovation and success in securing external funding to further enhance development opportunities.


Commercialization journey of Enphasys: something to digest

Entrepreneurship in academic setting – Nordic POP workshop
Time: May 9-10, 2019 (lunch-to-lunch meeting)
Place: Copenhagen

Lipolysis-Permeation Setup for Simultaneous Study of Digestion and Absorption in Vitro

We have recently published a paper about our lipolysis-permeation setup (ENA) which accurately predict the performance of lipid-based formulations in pigs. Here is a link to the article published in Molecular Pharmaceutics:

Video published from the UIC day pitch

Janneke Keemink at Enphasys pitching on the UIC Day 2018.