Enphasys is growing – Meet Lingxiao Li

Enphasys is growing and are happy to introduce their newest employee, Lingxiao Li. Lingxiao has started as laboratory assistant in Enphasys. He has a mixed background with Chemical Engineering as a bachelor and a master in Drug Discovery & Development from Uppsala University. He conducted his master thesis work in Bergström lab with a focus on the artificial canine colonic mucus model for permeation studies.  Lingxiaos main responsibility is to conduct the experimental studies and validate new in vitro models to evaluate the performance of complex drug delivery systems. Very welcome!

Enphays first Master student graduating

Enphasys is proud to announce that their first Master student, Anton Norberg, finalized his degree project with flying colours! Anton is studying the Master of Science in Pharmacy Program at Uppsala University. It’s been a pleasure having such a hard-working student at the company, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours (although we are lucky enough to keep him for few more months before he starts internship to become a licensed pharmacist).

Get some more insights into Anton’s experience of his project work in the interview below:

Hi Anton,

Thank you for taking the time to answer some questions about your time at Enphasys.

What made you apply for a project at Enphasys?    

I was looking for a master thesis project where I could apply my knowledge in the area of drug delivery to its fullest. Enphasys could provide me with a unique opportunity to take part in cutting edge research in the field of drug delivery  

What was the project about? And how did it go?    

My project focused on developing new in vitro models to evaluate the performance of complex drug delivery systems. The project resulted in key developments of the model, allowing for the evaluation of drug flux from several drug delivery systems.   

What was the best part of the project?

Being a part of the development of a new in vitro model which could impact on how complex drug delivery systems are evaluated was truly incredible. I was also selected as one of seven students to present my project at the final student symposium, which was both terrifying and an amazing experience.

What have you learnt during your time at Enphasys?

I have further developed my understanding of complex drug delivery systems as well as learnt new and important techniques that will be useful in my future career. Moreover, I have gained experience in how a research project is conducted at a company.   

Would you recommend other students to apply for degree projects at Enphasys?

Yes, without a doubt! My time at Enphasys has truly exceeded all my expectations for a master thesis project and I would recommend all students who are interested in being a part of a highly skilled team, working towards a better tomorrow, to conduct their project at Enphasys.   

Hard at work preparing samples
Anton presenting his results at the Degree Project symposium at Uppsala University
During the symposium, he also got the opportunity to give an oral presentation of his findings. Well done!

Enphasys receives support from Vinnova to improve the screening of advanced drug delivery systems

Enphasys is happy to announce that the company has been granted support from Vinnova in the call Innovative Startups for the project “Enphasys: Förbättrat urval av framtidens läkemedelsformuleringar” (Enphasys: Improved selection of the drug formulations of tomorrow”). The project aims to develop new in vitro methods for selection of optimal drug formulations for drugs with challenging physicochemical properties. We believe that the methods will be of great value when screening formulation and thus reduce the time from discover to patient use for new drug entities. Stay tuned for more news about the innovation!

Curious about the ENA device?

Enphasys are very excited to have had the great opportunity to publish a short commination in the CRS India Local Chapter Newsletter about our patented ENA device, evaluating the digestion-release and permeation of various advanced drug delivery systems. The communications sum up the important findings made in several studies, in the effort of developing better, more predictive in vitro testing of complex formulations. You can find the complete publication here on pages 19-21:


Enphasys recipient of brand new EU Initiative for Deep-Tech startups

Deep tech innovations are a significant part of Europe’s start-up ecosystem, and target for a range of EU Initiatives. Women TechEU is a brand new initiative of the European Union, supporting women-led deep-tech start-ups. Out of a large number of applicants, Enphasys was selected as one out of 50 promising startups. The support is directed towards Enphasys work of developing new absorption models for sustainable and animal-free screening of pharmaceutical formulations intended for oral use. Read the full announcement here:


Meet Anton Norberg – Enphasys first project student

Enphasys believe in taking part in education, and involving students in our work. Anton Norberg, studying the Master of Science program in Pharmacy at Uppsala University, will do his project work with us, and will be a great addition to the team. He already has a significant experimental experience from working in other research projects within the industrial and academic sector and work at a Covid-19 diagnostic lab. His project will focus on developing new in vitro models to evaluate the performance of complex drug delivery systems. Very welcome to the team Anton!

Enphasys is growing – Meet Dr Daniel Bergström

During autumn, a new team member joined Enphasys – Dr Daniel Bergström, our Business Development Manager. Apart from having a PhD in Medical Science from Uppsala University, Dr. Bergström holds a Master of business administration (MBA) from Edinburgh Business School. He has significant experience from national and international positions within medical science and medical affairs in the pharmaceutical, as well as the medical nutrition industry. At Enphasys, he will lead the work on business development and communication strategies.

Enphasys securing patent

Enphasys have now been granted an European patent for our in vitro intestinal drug disposition device. The device have shown to accurately predict the in vivo performance of lipid-based formulations in several different species, due to presence of an absorption chamber. We are looking forward to make this promising technology available for formulators around the world.

Further reading can be found here:




The intestinal absorption device

Meet our newest employee

We are happy to announce that Dr. Caroline Alvebratt joined the Enphasys team during the spring. Caroline has a strong background in the pharmaceutical field and after receiving her pharmacist license, she persuade a PhD in pharmaceutical science. Her thesis focused poorly water-soluble compounds and making use of advanced drug delivery systems to improve their performance. A major part of her thesis work was also directed towards development of efficient in vitro models for the complex drug formulations. Caroline will assist with the experimental work and costumer interactions.

Enphasys received Attractive Innovation Project 2019 Award

15 projects run by, or in collaboration with, Uppsala University researchers and students have been acknowledged with the 2019 “Attractive Innovation Project” award. Common to all projects is support från Uppsala University Innovation and success in securing external funding to further enhance development opportunities.